Offbeat Destinations to Explore in Mumbai

Mumbai, “The City of Dreams” witnesses a huge footfall from tourists and migrants every day. It is the proud parent of UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Elephant Caves and Victorian and Art Deco buildings. Although the starry city is known for its popular landmarks, there are plenty of hidden treasures that travellers should consider visiting. We offer a list of 9 unexplored places in Mumbai that you should visit on your next trip!

Kanhoji Angre Island

Kanhoji Angre was an admiral in the Maratha Navy. He was renowned for attacking European (mainly Portuguese and British) ships and collecting taxes from them. He was never captured by the Europeans despite their best efforts. Records show he even employed a few European sailors that he took as prisoners. At the peak of his dominance, he controlled harbours between Surat and Karwar. He supervised proceedings from a fort on a little island called Kandheri around 20 km south of Mumbai. In 1998, that little island was renamed in his honour and plans to turn it into a tourist destination were drawn up in 2013.

offbeat places in Mumbai
bandra street art - offbeat places to visit in Mumbai

Bandra Street Art

The next on our list of offbeat places to visit in Mumbai is a collection of sites peppered across Bandra. From caricatures of iconic movie characters to abstract art and political commentary, the streets of Bandra have it all! So saunter around Bandra and witness these astonishing works of art in all their glory in Mumbai's most accessible art gallery.


Kwan Kung Temple


Inconspicuously hidden among the myriad buildings in Mazagaon Dockyard, Kwan Kung Temple is the only Chinese temple in Mumbai. Located a half-hour drive away from our hotel, the building comprises an auspicious red door and Chinese lettering on a board above the door. If the religious history of our largest neighbours has been a source of fascination for you, then this item on our list of offbeat places in Mumbai is the right destination!

Kwan Kung Temple
mahakali caves

Mahakali Caves


This is a group of 19 caves built by Buddhist monks between the 1st and 6th century A.D. They are a combination of both living quarters and large halls where devotees could gather and worship. The rock they were hewn out of is not the best at preservation, so travellers are advised to go take it all in before nature reclaims this wondrous site.

Irani Cafes


For ages, Iran has celebrated its culture of brewing the most aromatic tea and coffee. When Iranians migrated to India to escape famine and religious persecution, they brought this culture with them and set up the famous Irani cafes that are scattered across Mumbai. A visit to these cafes and enjoying the renowned bun maska and Irani chai is a worthy addition to your list of offbeat things to do in Mumbai. Some famous names are B. Merwan and Co., Britannia and Co. and Yazdani Bakery.

irani cafe - offbeat things to do in Mumbai
mangroves - unexplored places in mumbai



Mangroves are among the last lines of defence against extreme natural events like rising water levels and tsunamis. They are also effective in preventing soil erosion and global warming. Mumbai's mangroves are home to a vast variety of both terrestrial and aquatic life. Much of the land formerly occupied by the mangroves had been reclaimed to house the growing population, but notable efforts are being made to nurture and conserve the wetlands these mangroves grow on.

Aarey Colony


Providing some respite from all the skyscrapers, Aarey Colony is located away from the chaotic city life and is a rich eco-sensitive area. In the middle of Aarey Colony, there is a garden and lake dubbed Chhota Kashmir by visitors. It is certainly reminiscent of the crown of India, which is completed with an immaculate lake you can take boat rides on. It is the perfect place to get away from the breakneck pace of Mumbai.

aarey colony
books at David Sassoon Library and Reading Room

David Sassoon Library & Reading Room


The David Sassoon Library & Reading Room is the next location on our list of unexplored places in Mumbai. It was opened in 1870 and is due for renovation in 2023. A part of the building doubles as an art gallery too. For literature lovers and connoisseurs, this is a paradise worth exploring.

RBI Monetary Museum


In 2004, the Reserve Bank of India established a monetary museum showcasing the history and evolution of currency in India. It houses exhibits dating as far back as the 6th century B.C.E. It is an interesting stop to make during your visit to Mumbai. Entry is free.

indian rupee

Mumbai has a lot more to offer for the truly curious visitor. Come stay at Theory9 Premium Service Apartments in Bandra and go exploring!