Business Trip to Mumbai

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Guests who are planning to take a business trip to Mumbai need to keep in mind how Mumbai works so that you can have a wonderful experience. Here are a few tips to ensure that you get the most out of your business travel to Mumbai.

Ensure that your schedule is flexible

When visiting Mumbai, it is best to ensure that you have a flexible schedule. Instead of scheduling business meetings beforehand, it is advisable to reach Mumbai and then schedule your day as per your convenience. During your trip, it is best to have a fair idea of what you need to do during your time in the city. This way, even if your meetings go past their scheduled time or if you are in an unavoidable situation, you can still be sure of the things remaining on your to-do list.

If you visit stretches for more than a week, you need to consider the fact, that certain meetings can be scheduled on the day than in advance. In certain cases, meetings may start in the latter part of the day as compared to the morning. Ensure that you take into account all these factors when you plan your business trip to Bandra.

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Work smart

Another important factor to consider while visiting Mumbai is your ability to work smartly. Ensure that you carry your laptop or other digital devices that will help you get the job done between meetings and commutes. If you are planning to drive around Mumbai or take a cab to your destination, it is best to leave half an hour before to compensate for delays in traffic or any other impediments.

While setting up meetings in Mumbai, it is ideal to have them in close proximity to each other. Mumbai, which is famous for its traffic can leave you stuck for an entire day if your meetings are at opposite ends of the city. Once you finish all your business obligations here are a few places that you can explore during your next trip:

Places to see in Bandra

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Bandra Fort

Bandra Fort is among the best places to visit in Bandra. This Portuguese era fort is renowned for its unique architecture and is visited by both locals and tourists. This fort is also known as Castella de Aguada and it was built to keep a watch over the Arabian Sea. During the Portuguese Colonial period, this fort served as the checkpoint to enter the Bombay province. The magnificent backdrop of this fort makes it the ideal spot for photo shoots, film shoots and more.

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Carter Road

Carter Road is another important tourist destination in Bandra. It is the place to be if you are a foodie as it features umpteen food stalls serving lip-smacking delicacies. This road is also replete with pubs, malls and other tourist attractions. Take a trip to this road that features a 1.25 km promenade, concrete pathways and a gazebo that add to the overall beauty of the place.

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Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary Church is one of the best places to visit in all of Bandra owing to its magnificent interiors and the serenity that is present in and around this place. Perched atop a hillock, this church overlooks the Arabian sea and is visited by people of all faiths throughout the year. This church also serves as the destination where the annual Bandra Fair occurs and is visited by both locals and tourists alike.

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Bandstand Promenade

Bandstand Promenade is a beautiful destination in Bandra. It features a magnificent seascape and is ideal for solo travellers, honeymoon couples and families as well. This promenade is in close proximity to the residences of many Bollywood celebrities and other major attractions. Take a trip to this venue during your next trip to Mumbai.