Exploring the Local Markets of Mumbai

Mumbai is an opulent city known for its vibrant fashion and major tourist attractions. It is the perfect place to indulge your heart in shopping at affordable rates. With mushrooming flea and local markets, shopaholics get their guilty pleasure of shopping satiated here. Thus, we put forth a carefully curated list of must-visit local markets in Mumbai for a well-planned shopping spree -

Chor Bazaar

One of the most frequented and highlighted flea markets in the city of dreams, Chor Bazaar is the place to shop! The market literally translates to stolen market as the shop comprises second-hand items and electronic goods. The Bazaar dates back to the late 19th century and is known for selling quality items at affordable rates. Shoppers can visit the bazaar between 11 in the morning and 7:20 in the evening.

woman making a payment at a shop

Linking Road

Previously known as Dadabhai Navroji Road, Linking Road is one of the most popular shopping hubs in Mumbai. This marketplace renders a perfect blend of niche, opulent and bargainable products. The several markets at Linking Road stay open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. The road is lined up with elegant boutiques and flea shops that support the desires of every shopaholic.

Lokhandwala Market

Lokhandwala Market

If you are interested in electronic gadgets and goods, then Lokhandwala Market is the ideal place for you! Apart from selling quality gadgets, the market is also famous for accessories, household things, belts, craft shops, and baking outlets. The market is a satiating location for shoppers as well as for foodies. Explorers who love to take a break from the excessive shopping can devour some of the most appetising local, street foods from the myriad of shops set up in the alley. It remains open from 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Mangaldas Market

Mangaldas Market is yet another Mumbai local market that is a desirable location for shoppers, natives and tourists. Over a hundred years old, Mangaldas Market is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts. The market sells the trendiest clothes, accessories, textiles, and handmade goods. It opens to guests at 1 a.m. and closes by 9:00 p.m.

Crawford Market

Crawford Market is a hotspot for buying local fruits, succulents, and vegetables. It is also known to be a great place for getting your hands on imported toys in Mumbai. Local markets like Crawford Market aim to create a reverberating experience that you would love to relive! It is also a pet-friendly market, which is often frequented by pets. It is an old market that has managed to keep its charm modern and new. Apart from Sundays, the market is open round-the-clock from Monday to Saturday.

Crawford Market

So get your shopping bags ready and head out to these famous local markets of Mumbai!

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