Evenings at Bandstand and Carter Road, Mumbai

Bandstand Bandra is a gem of a place, sprinkled with a bit of stardust, a bit of seawater and a lot of charm! Popularly known as Bandstand Promenade, this 1.2 km stretch of walkway by the Arabian Sea is many things to different people. A hangout spot for friends to sip a cup of coffee, grab a bite and chill, a jogging track for some, and a park to catch up on interesting performances for others. You can just sit here and stare into the distance as the salty air brushes against your face while witnessing a beautiful sunset. A true respite from the busy city life indeed!

Bandstand Bandra gets its name from the history books, when it used to host bands that entertained visitors with stellar musical performances in the nineteenth century. There is an amphitheatre at the southern end of the stretch, near Bandra Fort, where a number of performances are arranged and celebrated throughout the year.

If you see an unusual number of people, jovial and cheering on, it is most probably because a Bollywood star, who calls this area home, made an appearance. If you're lucky, it might just be the greatest of them all - King Khan!

Bandra sea link in the evening

Another part of Bandra that is adjacent to Bandstand Promenade that receives as much attention, is Carter Road. The Carter Road - Bandra nightlife is a much-enjoyed and spectacular part that holds a special place in Mumbaikers’ hearts. With eateries of all sizes and shapes lining the street, and local, Arabic, Chinese, exotic and other diverse cuisines, the street-side stalls and classy restaurants have everything your appetite desires. Grab a quick snack and get on the bandwagon of momo lovers or hydrate yourself with a chilled drink. You name it and the place has it, offering all sorts of dishes and drinks with a unique Indian twist that will satiate your taste buds. Visit Carter Road Beach and enjoy a peaceful stroll along the promenade, to the background sound of waves lapping against the shore.

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