Famous Churches in Mumbai

There are plenty of old churches in Mumbai that have the ability to transport you to a different era. Plan a relaxing day in Bandra to visit most of them and get a glimpse of their stunning architecture. Here is a list of some of the most famous churches in Mumbai that we think are worth a visit.

Mount Mary Basilica

The first statue that was installed in Mount Mary Basilica by the Portuguese had been disfigured by Arab pirates. A popular story goes that a fisherman had a dream of finding a new statue of Mother Mary floating in the Arabian Sea. The locals christened the statue "Mot Mauli", meaning "the Pearl Mother". Built in the Gothic Revival style of architecture, this church is a must-visit during September when the Mount Mary fair takes place. We highly recommend setting aside some time to experience the soothing stillness of one of the best churches in Mumbai.

Mount Mary Basilica in mumbai
St. Andrew's Church in mumbai

St. Andrew's Church


St. Andrews Church is next on our list of famous churches in Bandra, Mumbai. It was originally built in 1595 by Portuguese Jesuits. Situated on the western coast of Mumbai, it overlooks the Arabian Sea from its perch on the shore. The colourful and vibrant altar to St. Andrew was rebuilt with teakwood in 1906 to avoid the same fate as the previous one, which succumbed to termites. The life-sized statue of St. Andrew here carries an X-shaped cross because he asked not to be hung upon a traditional cross.

Afghan Church

Afghan Church serves as a memorial for all the soldiers who lost their lives in the Anglo-Afghan wars. Built in 1865, it boasts expertly designed stained glass windows, a 60-meter high tower and spire, and wide Gothic arches. All of these impressive features make this church in Colaba an architectural landmark worth visiting.

St. Thomas Cathedral

Located in the iconic Horniman Circle in Mumbai, this Neoclassical and Gothic style architectural spectacle was opened in 1718. It is named after St. Thomas, the first apostle to visit India. St. Thomas Cathedral, with its stained glass, polished brass and arched windows, is a visual delight for visitors.

church in Mumbai
Mumbai church

St. Peter's Church

Originally built in 1853, St. Peter's Church was later rebuilt in the Romanesque style in 1938. It is located on Hill Road in Bandra, one of the biggest Christian neighbourhoods in Mumbai. There is a beautiful, larger-than-life marble statue of Christ at the entrance. The community playground and striking stained glass windows only add to its allure.

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