Mumbai at Night - A Revelation

From when stars start twinkling to the moon saying adieu, there is one city in India that never sleeps - Mumbai! This vibrant metropolis rumbles on without a care for the world, owing to the spirited Mumbai nightlife that every Mumbaikar boasts about. Yes, there are plenty of clubs and pubs that keep the city 'lit', but the true heroes of this tale are nature, the winding roads, some serene spots and the unique night vibes that only Mumbai can give off. Here is a list of places to visit at night in Mumbai and things to do, to make your Mumbai journey wholesome.

Starting off with what is probably the most iconic structure of Mumbai, The Gateway of India. At dusk, the location is flooded with lights. This monumental structure, standing alone at the edge of the sea, with waves crashing softly all around, is a sight to behold. It stands tall and proud, against the spray of saltwater and cold air, and when it lights up - a true spectacle!

Feel like going for a drive to expel all that built up energy and shout out into the night? Then a drive through the Bandra Worli Sea Link is the thing to do. Feel the rush of the night as cold winds hit your face and beams of headlights whoosh past, one after the other.

Feel like exploring tonight, but don't want to rush through? Then Mumbai Midnight Cycling is meant for you. Meet at Colaba Causeway before 11, pick a cycle and get pedalling. This planned night tour in Mumbai takes you along the coastline, stopping at iconic spots on the slumbering streets. Don't worry about tiring yourself out, there are plenty of pit stops for you to shake off the fatigue.

Want to hang out, take a walk and just enjoy the small things in life? Then a walk in Carter Road Promenade is just the right fit for you. The streets are abuzz, the air - tingling with the smell of mouthwatering treats, and the walkway - soothing, soft and endless. People live for these moments!

There is plenty more for you to scout out and experience, like the Gothic influence on the architecture (mostly of the churches) that are prominent here. The music emanating from the nightlife in Mumbai reverberates across the streets and lives of people, dictating and transforming their night, and much much more!

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