Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations in Mumbai

The bustling city of Mumbai is home to some great locations that provide the perfect background for your dreamy pre-wedding photoshoot in Mumbai. The ‘City of Dreams’ is full of hidden gems that can serve all your photographic needs. These spots are a hit with couples as they are the right mixture of dreamy and quirky. Here is a list of pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai that offer stunning visuals to enhance your chemistry!

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

What could be a better setting for your romance than the lush greenery of Sanjay Gandhi National Park? Let the calm and soothing sights of the vast forest beneath the open sky bring forth a cheery attitude in you. The photographer can then capture you at your most relaxed. This park in Borivali has a nominal entry fee of Rs. 30. Go early so you can explore and take photographs at multiple spots. This is one of the prime pre-wedding photoshoot places in Mumbai.

Bandra Bandstand

This scenic location has the magnificent Bandra-Worli Sea Link to vouch for it. The low walls at the bandstand allow you to click photos closer to the rocky waterline. Another seascape with a magical view that will translate into your photos, Bandra Bandstand should definitely be on your list.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Gateway of India - best pre-wedding photoshoot location in Mumbai

Marine Drive

This is the perfect spot for those who want an aerial view of Mumbai and the sea. Marine Drive has an unrestricted seascape with the buildings of Mumbai dotting the coast. The breezy clouds framing the sky give it a cosy aura. It has a simple rock pavement that is perfect for walking. There is also a raised platform for sitting and resting. It can be crowded at times, but there is ample space for you to set up your little studio. This South Mumbai landmark is open to everyone.

Gateway of India

This regal arch provides a pretty frame for your photos. The stretch of sea behind the gate and the stalwart Taj Hotel that stands tall in the opposite lane combine to create a striking picture. The blue skies, the sea and the Victorian architecture add to the charm of this iconic Mumbai pre-wedding photoshoot location. Take advantage of Mumbai's most famous spot and let it be the backdrop to your photos.

Hanging Gardens

For all nature lovers, here is another verdant spot on our list of pre-wedding photoshoot places in Mumbai. The hanging gardens are complete with well-manicured plants, trees and plant sculptures. The dazzling views of the Napean Sea Road offer a spectacular backdrop for your images. This spectacular destination is situated on Ridge Road in Malabar Hill and has no entry fee.

Juhu Beach

The sun, sand and the sea come together to make Juhu Beach a delightful and photogenic destination. The sunsets here resemble beautiful paintings and never fail to draw large crowds. The sunlight scattered in hues of pink, purple and warm yellow will breathe life into your photoshoot.

Juhu Beach - best pre-wedding photoshoot place in Mumbai

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