Things to Do in Bandra Kurla Complex

Mumbai, the City of Dreams, pulsates with life and Bandra Kurla Complex is its thriving heart. BKC, located in the heart of Mumbai is a business district and is home to a number of multinational corporations, banks and financial institutions. In this guide, we'll explore the best things to do in BKC and help you make the most of your visit. Plus, discover why Theory9 is the perfect choice for a comfortable stay.

The Capital Building

Begin your exploration with a visit to The Capital Building, a 19-storey architectural marvel nestled in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. This building stands out due to its strong commitment to sustainability, making it a shining example of a green building. If you're curious about its eco-friendly features, partake in a guided tour, which is offered on weekdays and Saturdays. Throughout this 90-minute tour, you'll delve into the Capital Building's rich history and innovative design. You'll gain insights into how it harnesses rainwater for conservation, utilises solar energy for heating, and proudly showcases a flourishing green wall. This guided experience not only deepens your understanding of green architecture but also grants you an exclusive glimpse into the inner workings of one of Mumbai's most iconic structures.

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maharashtra nature park

Maharashtra Nature Park

Sprawling across 37 acres, Maharashtra Nature Park is an urban park located in the heart of Mumbai. It is a cherished destination for both locals and tourists who are drawn by its verdant landscapes, diverse wildlife and captivating view of the city skyline. It emerged in 1976 from what was once an unsightly garbage dump. The transformation was brought to life through a collaborative effort between the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Maharashtra government, aiming to enhance the environment and offer Mumbai a green haven.
The park offers several walking trails, a butterfly garden, a kid's park, an amphitheatre and is home to a rich tapestry of flora and fauna, including an impressive roster of over 200 bird species, 40 types of butterflies, and a dozen reptile species. Mammals like monkeys, deer and foxes also call this place home. Maharashtra Nature Park, besides providing a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle, serves as an educational hub, shedding light on environmental awareness and the vital importance of conservation, making a visit here one of the most educative and interesting things to do near BKC.

Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre

If you're drawn to the world of arts and culture, Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre is a must-visit.  Situated in BKC, Mumbai, this multi-disciplinary cultural hub boasts a range of impressive performance spaces, including a 2,000-seat auditorium, a 500-seat black box theatre, and a 100-seat studio theatre. Additionally, it houses a library, a museum and multiple art galleries. NMACC is dedicated to celebrating India's performing arts, visual arts and cultural legacy. The centre hosts a diverse array of events, from plays and concerts to dance performances and exhibitions. It also offers educational programs like masterclasses and workshops, catering to both artists and students. NMACC stands as a pivotal cultural destination, enriching the arts and heritage of the city. 

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event at jio garden

Jio Garden

Jio World Garden is a magnificent 13,000 sq. m. open-air venue that promises a premium experience. Boasting lush green landscapes, serene water fountains, tranquil lotus ponds, comfortable seating areas and innovative air trees that generate energy, this garden is a true gem. It serves as the ideal setting for a wide range of cultural, community and sporting events. If you're lucky, you might chance upon a live performance or a fair by checking the events calendar during your visit. Attending a live event here is on top of the list of fun things to do in BKC. It's important to note that Jio World Garden is open to the public and can be enjoyed even on non-event days for a nominal fee of just 10 rupees.

MCA Stadium


Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, situated in Bandra Kurla Complex, stands proudly as the home ground of Mumbai Cricket Association and is hailed as one of India's most iconic cricket stadiums. Its history dates back to 1969 and has an impressive seating capacity of 33,000 spectators. Over the years, this stadium has witnessed numerous international cricket clashes, including Test matches, ODIs and T20Is. Additionally, it has hosted the final of the Indian Premier League (IPL) on several occasions. Beyond its cricketing legacy, MCA Stadium is renowned for its impeccable upkeep and top-notch facilities. Spectators can relish a variety of amenities, ranging from a diverse food court to a shopping arcade and even a museum. It is undoubtedly one of the finest venues to immerse oneself in the thrill of a cricket match.

An overview of a cricket stadium and the seating
bharat diamond bourse

Bharat Diamond Bourse

Bharat Diamond Bourse, situated in Mumbai, proudly holds the title of the world's largest diamond trading hub, overseeing more than 90% of the global rough diamond trade. This remarkable institution has cutting-edge infrastructure, encompassing a bustling trading hall, a highly secure vault and an array of other essential facilities.
A visit to Bharat Diamond Bourse offers a unique insight into the world's largest diamond trading hub. You can observe the trading hall, explore the history of the diamond industry, engage with experienced traders to understand industry trends, and visit the secure vault housing a vast collection of diamonds and treasures. It's an informative and enriching experience at the heart of the global diamond trade.

Phoenix Marketcity

Wrap up your BKC excursion with a dose of retail therapy at Phoenix Marketcity. This expansive shopping haven is one of Mumbai's largest and most beloved malls, housing over 400 stores and various restaurants. Beyond shopping and savouring delicious meals, Phoenix Marketcity offers a plethora of entertainment choices, including a multiplex cinema, an ice skating rink and a bowling alley. Throughout the year, the mall comes alive with a myriad of events and festivals. Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai is the ideal destination for a fulfilling day or evening, offering a vibrant and exciting experience suitable for all.

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