Discover Mumbai's future: Development Plan 2034

Mumbai, the bustling metropolis and the financial capital of India, is a city that remains vibrant around the clock. With a storied history, a rich tapestry of cultures and iconic landmarks, Mumbai has consistently led the way in urban development and innovation. Looking to the horizon, the city is poised for a remarkable evolution through the Development Plan 2034. This forward thinking blueprint aims to redefine the city's infrastructure, enhance its urban fabric and elevate the quality of life for its inhabitants. In this article, we'll explore the pivotal aspects of Mumbai's Development Plan 2034, delve into the enhancements it brings to the city's transportation network and examine the advantages that the lively suburb of Bandra is poised to enjoy as a result of these groundbreaking initiatives.

A Vision for the Future


Mumbai's Development Plan 2034 is an ambitious initiative aimed at addressing the city's growing population, improving infrastructure and promoting sustainable growth. The plan focuses on several key areas, including affordable housing, open spaces, transportation and infrastructure development, to create a more livable and vibrant city for its residents. One of the most significant aspects of the Development Plan 2034 is the emphasis on enhancing the city's transportation network. The plan proposes the expansion of Mumbai's metro rail network, the development of new coastal roads, and the improvement of existing railway and bus services to provide efficient and easy transit for corporates and travellers. These improvements are not only expected to reduce congestion and commute times but also to enhance connectivity and accessibility across the city.

mumbai seen from an aerial view
An aerial shot of Mumbai metro

Improving Transit for Travellers

In Mumbai, metro expansion is set to offer a swift, dependable and environmentally sustainable transport alternative, linking diverse city areas and diminishing reliance on road-based travel. A pivotal element of the Development Plan 2034 is the enhancement of Mumbai's metro rail network making travel easing, designed to deliver effective and convenient transit choices for commuters. The initiative envisions the development of new metro lines, extensions to the current routes and the amalgamation of the metro system with other transportation modes, creating a fluid and interconnected transit framework throughout the city. This expansion is poised to alleviate traffic congestion, shorten commute durations and bolster connectivity and accessibility, facilitating easier exploration of Mumbai's myriad attractions for both residents and visitors.

Mumbai Coastal Road Project

The Mumbai Coastal Road Project is a major infrastructure effort aimed at alleviating traffic congestion in the city. This 8-lane expressway will span Mumbai's western coastline, linking Marine Lines in the south to Kandivali in the north, with a total length of 29.2 km. The project is being implemented in stages, with the first 10.58 km section from Princess Street to Worli opening its doors to the public in March 2024, and is already operational. The next phase towards Kandivali is on track for completion soon. This new corridor is expected to cut travel times between south Mumbai and the western suburbs from 2 hrs to around 40 mins. With an estimated budget of 13,060 cr, the initiative includes distinctive features such as a 2.07 km underwater tunnel and is harmoniously integrated with the upcoming "Central Park" project, introducing green spaces for the city's residents.

An aerial shot of mumbai coastal road project
bandra mumbai seen at night time

Bandra's Growth


Bandra, a dynamic and coveted suburb of Mumbai, is set for substantial growth with the implementation of Development Plan 2034. Its prime location and robust infrastructure make Bandra an increasingly attractive locale for both residents and visitors. The enhancements to the transportation system will bolster connectivity to and from Bandra, facilitating easier access for travellers keen to discover the area's distinctive landmarks, including the iconic Bandra Worli Sea Link, lively shopping areas and vibrant nightlife. Additionally, Development Plan 2034 focuses on the construction of affordable housing, the establishment of green spaces and the introduction of recreational amenities. These measures will not only elevate the residential experience but also amplify Bandra's charm and allure as a top destination for Mumbai visitors.

Goregaon Mulund Link Road

The Goregaon Mulund Link Road, a pivotal infrastructure initiative outlined in Development Plan 2034, is designed to enhance connectivity between Mumbai's western and eastern suburbs. This 12 km highway will link Goregaon in the west to Mulund in the east, offering an alternative to the congested Western and Eastern Express Highways. A standout feature of this project is a 4.7 km twin tunnel beneath the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, aiming to minimise environmental impact and reduce land acquisition expenses. Once completed, the Goregaon Mulund Link Road is expected to shorten travel times, alleviate traffic congestion, and improve accessibility between these suburbs, facilitating easier exploration of the city's varied attractions.

A view of the Goregaon Mulund Link Road

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