History of Gateway of India, Mumbai

As the year 2024 marks the 100th birthday, Gateway of India, Mumbai is the most iconic landmark. Travellers from across the globe come to visit the famous arch-monument to dive into the history behind Gateway of India.

In 1911, the then Emperor of India George V visited India along with his Empress consort Mary of Teck. He was the first British monarch to visit India. To commemorate their visit, plans for a gateway to India were drawn up and he was shown a cardboard model during his visit. The foundation was laid by the then Governor of Bombay in 1913 and the final design was sanctioned in 1914. The actual construction of the monument started in 1915 and was completed in 1924.

gateway of India Mumbai
mumbai gateway of india

Its usage has been mostly for symbolic purposes. It was used as a ceremonial entrance for British colonial troops like Viceroys and Governors. In 1948, the last British troops to leave India after independence left through Gateway of India. Nowadays, it is arguably the prime tourist attraction in Mumbai. It sees thousands of visitors every day and is a source of income for the many street food stalls and photographers serving the multitudes of tourists.

Gateway of India is celebrated for its unique and intricate Indo-Saracenic architecture. Travellers who wish to learn about its history and take pictures with it will not be disappointed after visiting it. Once you spent ample time admiring its splendour, visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk down the corniche and enjoy the gentle breeze blowing in from the Arabian Sea. If you visit during the evening, you can also enjoy the stunning sight of the sun disappearing over the horizon and lighting up the sky in dazzling colours. At sunset, Gateway of India is lit up in vibrant colours too. On special occasions, it is lit up to commemorate the occasion, like being lit up in the tricolour representing the Indian flag on Independence Day and Republic Day.

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