Long Stay in Mumbai

Embarking on a journey to the dynamic city of dreams, Mumbai? Bursting with opportunities for newcomers, the city warmly welcomes every individual. Yet, the question lingers, what about your stay? Theory9 Premium Service Apartments put an end to your concerns about residing in the heart of the city. Offering a homely ambience, we provide the finest apartments for a long stay in Mumbai, while ensuring a comfortable and delightful experience.

Home-like Accommodations

Experience the comforts of home at Theory9 Premium Service Apartments located in Bandra and Khar. Our hotel presents a variety of rooms, from deluxe to suite options, including rooms with an open-top setting. Perfect for your stay, our rooms boast excellent furniture, stylish decor and even a kitchen, providing a homely atmosphere in your home away from home. Enjoy amenities such as air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, refrigerator, hot water, television and more, ensuring you feel right at home after a busy day in the city.

rooms with twin beds in bandra at theory9
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Situated at Prime Locations

Nestled in the city's core, our apartments enjoy a central location with proximity to various renowned destinations. Positioned near hospitals, malls, restaurants, numerous startups, business centres and popular tourist spots, our accommodations provide easy access to the city's vibrant offerings. The prime location not only offers convenience in reaching key destinations but also ensures a hassle-free commute to and from your stay.

Perfect for Long-term Stay

Our apartments are renowned for providing a great option for a long-term stay in Mumbai. Located in Khar, our apartments offer proximity to various hospitals, ensuring you can extend your stay in the city trouble-free, even for months. In addition, we are conveniently situated near production houses such as Red Chillies, Maddock, Boot Polish and Excel Entertainment, making it the ideal stay for cinema enthusiasts. If you're seeking job opportunities in the city, we've got you covered with our proximity to multiple startups as well.

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We stand as the ultimate choice for Mumbai extended-stay hotels, offering impeccable rooms tailored to your needs, a prime city location and affordable long-term stay options. Ensuring comfort in the heart of the city, we prioritise amenities that mirror the comforts of home, guaranteeing you feel right at home throughout your stay. Explore our apartments today to secure the perfect extended stay experience in the vibrant city of Mumbai.