30% Off On The Go

Theory9 –Premium Service Apts are ideally located in Mumbai. Our hotels in Bandra and Khar are perfect for business travellers who stay in the city for a short period of time. We have a great offer, book your stay for 6 hrs duration and get 30% off. This offer is only applicable for single-occupant travellers from long distance.
Enjoy a pleasant and relaxed experience.

Book your stay for these hours:
  • 0600 to 1200 Hours
  • 0900 to 1500 Hours
  • 1200 to 1800 Hours
  • 1500 to 2100 Hours

Terms & Conditions

Kindly note that the check-out time can't be changed, even if the guest has not spent the entire hours in the room or has spent less hours than the above specified duration.